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Gilbert Padded Rugby Protective Shorts, Black

Gilbert Padded Rugby Protective Shorts, Black

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If you are looking to minimize the bumps and bruises you get during rugby training then grab a pair of our protective shorts now. During tough training sessions or matches, added padding is vital for enhancing players’ performance and recovery time at club level. This is exactly why Gilbert has designed the Protective Shorts.

This form of body armor is essential for club and school players when the ground gets tougher and the body becomes prone to painful impact. The Protective Shorts offers 5mm Triflex padding to the hip and quadriceps to absorb contact taken during tackling. 

Get yours today and experience the difference this season.

  • 5mm Triflex padding
  • Hip and quadricep EVA pads
  • Cushions bone on bone collisions
  • Built for the toughest tackles
  • Protect yourself to keep playing hard match after match
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