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Gilbert Rugby Adjustable Kicking Tee - Blue/Green

Gilbert Rugby Adjustable Kicking Tee - Blue/Green

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At all levels of rugby, in order for kicking to be precise and accurate, practice with the best quality kicking tees, makes perfect.

Gilbert have designed the Adjustable Kicking Tee, ideal for players who want to change the height of the tee depending on their kicking style. The strong nature of the tee allows players to practice both accurate side line kicks as well as powerful kicks for length without hesitation. The Adjustable Kicking Tee uses a screw thread system to change the elevation of the top layer, meaning it retains its strength and stability when the ball is hit.

If you are after an amazing quality kicking tee that adjusts to your every need, the Adjustable Kicking Tee is an essential in your kit bag.

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