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Advantage Rugby

Advantage Sports Screw-in Aluminum Rugby Studs

Advantage Sports Screw-in Aluminum Rugby Studs

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Traditional rugby studs are great for play on soft natural grass.  They are especially suitable for forwards as they give a good bite from scrummaging.  Longer studs work better in muddier conditions and shorter studs on drier fields.  Don't buy a whole second pair of cleats when conditions change, just change your studs when you go from firmer or synthetic surfaces to soft grass.

Some prefer to put slightly longer studs in the 2 rear stud locations while others prefer to use all the same length.  That is up to your personal preference.

These studs have "standard" #10-32 UNF threads and will fit many rugby and other cleats like adidas Kakari, adidas Kakari Elite, Kakari, adidas Kakari Z.1, Canterbury Stampede SG, Canterbury Phoenix SG, Gilbert Sidestep SG models, Gilbert Kinetica, and many soccer, football, and lax shoes.  The will NOT fit shoes with specialized threads like Adidas Malice, Adidas Predator, Canterbury Speed 2.0, Gilbert boots with Prolite studs.

  • Great for natural grass and muddy ground
  • 15, 18, or 21 mm length
  • Fits rugby, soccer, football, lacrosse cleats with standard #10-32 threads
  • Will NOT fit boots with specialized threads like adidas Malice, adidas Predator, Canterbury Speed 2.0, Gilbert Prolite.
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